10 Teases for EYE OF THE SCARAB

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab for September 2014 (Art by Tom Gehrke)

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab  (Art by Tom Gehrke)

After a slight delay I’m just a few weeks away from releasing Dogboy #4: Eye of the Scarab! It’s been a trudge, but I wanted to make sure I got it right. Reality is slipping, and it was important to make sure it didn’t break as it hit the ground. Here’s 10 teases to tide you over!

  1. Cindy is keeping a secret from Dogboy. That’s won’t last
  2. We finally circle back to the last chapter of Den of Thieves 2/3 into the book. Mayor Lane’s weird facility, the Colta City Shadows, and their hovercraft all come into play.
  3. We have a new supervillian (The Vominator) terrorizing Colta City. Three guesses as to what he can do…
  4. The storage unit key Wylie Morgan gave Bronson in Danger on Liberty Pier plays a HUGE role. It’s where the “scarab” in the title is discovered (among other magical items).
  5. Speaking of that scarab… Imagine a drone the size of a bug hooked up to a lightweight Oculus Rift that can do Skype.
  6. Bugs gets what he’s always wanted, sadly. Related: Cthulhu appears above the Colta City Skyline.
  7. The Old Curiosity Shop will never look the same again.
  8. The Baba Yaga Sisters are coming to town. You ain’t never seen a trio like them.
  9. Those two watches Dogboy got in Demon’s Dare? Yeah, we’ll be addressing those.
  10. Reality is slipping. What might have appeared a stylistic choice in the first three books finally fulfills it’s destiny as THE major plot point of the entire series, leading us right into RIVER OF TIME.

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